The company_statuses_updated event is sent after a new company status has been added, or an existing status has been updated or deleted in Table Editor > Company Statuses.

Event Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
EventNamestringThe name of the specific event.
FrontOfficeTenantIdintegerFront office ID that indicates the tenant (client) for which the request is being made.
ResourcestringEvent specific information:

StatusList(array of integers): A list of Company Status IDs.
CorrelationId(string): Unique identifier for this event.
BusinessProcessId (string): The identifier for the business process.
ResourceModelTypestring.NET class name for the Resource.
CorrelationIdstringUnique identifier for this event.

Sample Event

  "EventName": "company_statuses_updated",
  "FrontOfficeTenantId": 6,
  "Resource": "{\"StatusList\":[18620],\"CorrelationId"\:\"1ec05905-c244-4c6a-8ebd-3c75bf94baf2\",\"BusinessProcessId\":"00040070-0030-2300-0340-000000000056"}",
  "ResourceModelType": "Avionte.Commons.CompasEventModel.ResourceModel.CompanyStatusesResourceModel, Avionte.Commons.CompasEventModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null",
  "CorrelationId": "0c015041-e381-448a-b654-a398a025a2e5"

Associated Endpoint

For details about the company statuses, check the Get Company Statuses endpoint.