The job_pipeline_talent_added event is sent after a talent has been added to a job pipeline.

Event Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
EventNamestringThe name of the specific event.
FrontOfficeTenantIdintegerFront office ID that indicates the tenant (client) for which the request is being made.
ResourcestringEvent specific information:

PipelineId(integer): The identifier for the job pipeline.
CorrelationId(string): Unique identifier for this event.
ResourceModelTypestring.NET class name for the Resource.
CorrelationIdstringUnique identifier for this event.

Sample Event

  "EventName": "job_pipeline_talent_added",
  "FrontOfficeTenantId": 6,
  "Resource": "{\"PipelineId\":362129,\"CorrelationId\":\"f765b7e3-9f23-44d5-9749-730a39664941\"}",
  "ResourceModelType": "Avionte.Commons.CompasEventModel.ResourceModel.JobResourceModel, Avionte.Commons.CompasEventModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null",
  "CorrelationId": "f765b7e3-9f23-44d5-9749-730a39664941"

Associated Endpoint

For details about the job pipeline, check the Get Multiple Pipelines By Pipeline IDs endpoint.