The vms_job_created event is sent after a staged VMS job has been manually created in BOLD.

Event Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
EventNamestringThe name of the specific event.
FrontOfficeTenantIdintegerFront office ID that indicates the tenant (client) for which the request is being made.
ResourcestringEvent specific information:

VmsJobId(integer): The VMS identifier for the job.
JobId(integer): The identifier for the job in BOLD.
CorrelationId(string): Unique identifier for this event.
ResourceModelTypestring.NET class name for the Resource.
CorrelationIdstringUnique identifier for this event.

Sample Event

  "EventName": "VMS_job_created",
  "FrontOfficeTenantId": 6,
  "Resource": "{\"VmsJobId\":362129,\"JobId\":369919,\"CorrelationId\":\"13a1b2b5-8e3b-435b-913a-b0d001574dbf\"}",
  "ResourceModelType": "Avionte.Commons.CompasEventModel.ResourceModel.VMSJobCreatedResourceModel, Avionte.Commons.CompasEventModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null",
  "CorrelationId": "13a1b2b5-8e3b-435b-913a-b0d001574dbf"

Associated Endpoint

For details about the job, check the Get a Job endpoint.